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Is the Web Site Really Free?


That's a good question.  The short answer is YES, we do offer a free web site.  Most other services offer "free trial" periods and they are usually good for a certain number of days.  However, sometimes 30 days or even 60 days is not enough.  If you have an idea, even a small idea, it's worth giving it a try.  There should be no barriers to getting your idea launched, see if it works, and once it starts doing well, we're sure you'll be more than happy to upgrade your web site.  We do have paid upgrades for your web site which include more features, more priority and more support.  We'll help you get your web site set up and you can continue to contact us for additional requests.  Paid upgrades also entitle you to all web site upgrades and new features.  Once your idea grows and you start making lots of sales, we'll be happy to have you as one of our partners.



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